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How to decorate  a clothing store in 4 steps
20 Aug

How to decorate a clothing store in 4 steps

Have you ever wondered how to decorate a clothing store? Now it's time to find it out.

The first step in a store's shopfitting is to identify the target costumer. This is an often underrated (or even ignored) aspect, but targeting is the most important moment in the shopfitting of a successful store instead.
It is really important to identify your target trough measurable markers (such as gender, age, habits, nature of consumption, etc.), in order to outline the whole preparation process.

The second step is writing a concept, or rather a proposal that defines the main element of a project and provides the basis for its practical realization
A good clothing store designer does not leave anything to chance, he suggests the best solutions in order to better manage spaces, time and costs.
When drawing up a concept, the designer must keep in mind a list of essential factors: consistency, atmosphere, customization, lighting and chromatic choices.

The third step is the actual production of the shop's elements: from design to furniture, from your dream to reality.
Choosing the best materials from reliable and ethical suppliers, as much as the added value of skilled and efficient craftsmen working with cutting-edge tools, are essential aspects, so as to achieve the best quality.

The last step is transportation and assembly. This is the most delicate moment in a shop's decoration, in which all the previous work is implemented and judged. In this step, it is important to rely on professionals to ensure the material's integrity during transportation and an accurate assembling.

So here's how a clothing store is born!
We can help you decorating your own clothing store by taking all those steps with you. Contact us to discover how.