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GUEST PROJECT: Degaje Showroom - Amsterdam
24 Aug

GUEST PROJECT: Degaje Showroom - Amsterdam

Semplicity is the key word that characterizes the Degaja Showroom realized by Zembrerek Tasarim, a space that comprehends three areas in harmony among them and that represents innovative features, redefining the concept of shopping.

Degaje Showroom is a space with more than 800 mq on two floors in Merter District in Istanbul. The structure is composed mainly of three areas: the shopping area, meeting area and café area.
In the shopping area the design has been thought in the way that visitors could stay in a comfortable place and that they could locate the exposed items of clothing. For its realization has been used continuous walls and a vertical disposition of the products.
On the other part, the meeting area has been decorated with a table in the middle surrounded by glass panels. This space covers an area of 55 mq and it dedicated to the presentation of clothes collection.
In the last section there’s the café area dedicated to refreshments for the visitors of the showroom. Thanks to its 70 mq arranged in hight there’s a visible contact with the other two areas.
Sheet metal covers, ceramic used in the back walls and concrete on the pavement contribute to create an industrial atmosphere to the space.

Zemberek Tasarim is a team specialized in inner design. They follow their projects since the beginning with the customer and their aim is to find the best solution of furniture in order to make feel the simplicity of the space.

Degaje Teksil a Turkish company specialized in clothing and with particular attention to the woman’s line collection.