Italian contract and furniture

BMA'S PROJECTS: Dmagazine in Milan
7 Jul

BMA'S PROJECTS: Dmagazine in Milan

Iron, industrial finishings, glass, crystals and mirrors, strategic lighting.
These are the characteristics of the Outlet DMagazine store, one step from Duomo of Milan, which opens to the public the first floor and choose BMA – Italian contract furniture for the design, the manufacture and the installation of the furniture.

BMA materials has personally been in charge of the enlargement of DMagazine Outlet, clothing store in the nerve centre of the milanese fashion: to the ground floor, already existing, they added 190 square meters of exposure at the higher level.
Large presence of painted black raw iron finished transparent opaque, used for example for the hangings, the dressing rooms and the mirror frames positioned on the pillars. The artfully recreated window in front of the lightbox, instead, is made of painted iron.
The viroc, in grey and yellow variants, was chosen for the flooring, the bar in the middle of the room and the check-in piece of furniture adjacent to the dressing rooms.
It is an innovative composite material made from a pressed mixture that combines the flexibility and strength of wood with the strength of concrete, characteristics which make it particularly suitable for a multitude of uses both indoors and outdoors.
Next to the industrial finishes there are the most sought materials such as black leather for poufs, and glass, mirrors and crystals for the railing realized by the Vetraria Imagna Company of Bonate Sopra in the province of Bergamo.

The lighting of the rooms is warm, enchanting, and it includes details that enrich the interior design and highlight the strong points of the new production.
In particular led panels have been used for the furniture plans in the middle of the room and for the furniture under the window, and a lightbox — a structure composed of an aluminium frame with a backrest with strip-laid vertically and led decorative towel which has as its theme the Duomo of Milan.