Hotels, bars and restaurants

We are versatile due to years of experience working with all kinds of customers and satisfying even the most unusual needs: creating furnishings for hotels, cafés and restaurants with the same care and precision.

We are thorough because our team of professionals follows all projects internally from the initial phases to assembly. This way, we offer customers the serenity of comprehensive service through every step of the process, ensuring cost rationalisation and attentive control of materials.

BMA outfits business interiors following this particular procedure:
Concept , design phase, production, logistics and assembly: the company personally coordinates shipping to work sites located throughout the world. The BMA assembly team assembles the furnishings for the business interiors and delivers them to the customer.

Drafting preliminary designs and estimates

A variety of materials, colours, forms and budgets to make the premises as welcoming as possible and correspond to the customer’s idea: the style to be proposed and customer target.

Whether your business is a hotel, restaurant or café, BMA’s versatility allows premises in the most diverse locations and for any type of need to be imagined, with one goal in mind: customer satisfaction.