Planning, reliability and security: these are the three golden rules of logistics and site management.

Within a perfectly organised company, managing the warehouse of incoming and outgoing goods in a dynamic and rational way is essential in order to complete the production cycle.
Our logistics management system allows us to monitor the status of each order at all times.

The new logistics office in Stezzano Bergamo was created in 2017. This is a multi-purpose structure in which, in addition the typical internal storage and handling functions, organisational functions are also carried out to manage the various orders in delivery stage and during after-sales assistance. The focus of this new structure is to work according to the "just in time" system, which does not include any stocks of finished products ready for shipment to the warehouse. In fact, the objective of operating with zero stock not only provides significant savings in terms of management, but at the same time requires the use of advanced facilities that enable manufacture of the products in good time, once the raw materials for production have been received.

Thanks to our well-equipped fleet, we cover the entire national and international territory, taking care of every aspect of logistics, from the preparation of the carriers to the organisation of the labour flow, from the handling of bureaucratic matters to travel management.

The packaging of the various materials is managed in compliance with the regulations in force in each of the recipient countries and according to international standards.

We manage small, medium and large construction sites while always pursuing precision and efficiency and without ever losing sight of safety at work. Before any intervention, we take great care to prepare the documentation in compliance with the relevant legislation.

BMA has a team of specialised outfitters that studies the project to be delivered, follows all the stages involving the packaging and shipping of materials, is present at the construction site and oversees the installation. The in-house BMA assembly team is prepared to resolve any unforeseen events that may arise during the set-up phases, and is assisted by a project manager who is always in contact with the technical team. Their experience has led them to operate all over the world, acting as ambassadors for the company wherever they are.