The concept starts with the idea with which the customer contacts the company to make customised furnishings for their home.

Once the customer’s needs are clear and the objectives are defined, BMA technical team goes to the home to measure the rooms to be furnished. Precise technical instruments are used: a laser rangefinder is sufficient for standard situations while a laser scanner is fundamental for rooms with more original lines.

Once data and measurements have been taken, they are collected and processed in the final survey so that the furnishing design phase can get underway.

BMA is very serious about taking precisely detailed measurements which allow high quality, customised and personalised home furnishings to be designed for you.

Drafting preliminary designs and estimates

A single home may be characterised by a variety of dissimilar forms and colours, and be decorated with very different materials. BMA’s preliminary designs attempt to encompass the various possibilities in style and budget, always with the homeowner’s preferences at heart.

BMA seeks to find the most efficient layout of furniture in the rooms, the most suitable light sources, and a balanced usage of spaces able to turn a house into a home.

Each customer is unique and the spaces to be furnished in a chosen style are different each time: the constant factor is BMA’s experience, aimed at satisfying its customers.

Furnishing a home is an exhilarating experience that the company takes on with passion: dialogue is a constant source of inspiration for creating unique home furnishings.