Company Profile

BMA - Italian Contract & Furniture

We are an Italian artisanal industry based in Bergamo that engineers, produces and installs furniture for shops, offices, residential settings, bars, restaurants and hotels, as well as the nautical and airport sectors .

From design studies to prototyping, production overseen to the tiniest details and optimised by the innovative use of numerical control machines, up to the installation of the furniture, BMA carries out turnkey projects and satisfies the most demanding customers thanks to its highly specialised and trained in-house team, which is ready to meet any kind of request.

The BMA team is composed of engineers, architects, designers, technical employees, labourers and assemblers who work passionately every day to provide customers with "the perfect furniture". We also constantly invest in research and technological development in order to create products with quality that lasts over time.

BMA does not impose any limits. Distances and dimensions do not frighten us, and indeed the company coordinates small, medium and large construction sites all over the world, supported by a new logistics division with its own dedicated structure. BMA implements the most effective solutions by taking into account the specific needs of each geographical area in terms of climatic resistance performance and safety requirements.

Our office is located in a strategic location, just 5 minutes from Orio al Serio international airport and the Oriocenter commercial centre, next to the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park and only 10 minutes from the motorway exit toll booth.

In addition to furnishings, we offer:

Feasibility studies, graphic presentations of the project, realisation costs and times, engineering, prototyping, coordinated logistics, support from one of our Technical Project Managers until the end of the installation, after-sales assistance, custom branding and marketing services.