Shop, showroom, boutique.

Creating customised furnishings always starts with an idea: the concept.
BMA – Italian contract and furniture firmly believes in the first meeting with its customers. During this initial phase of getting acquainted, expectations emerge, the market is analysed and the direction to take is established.
The BMA technical team listens to its customers’ needs, proposing solutions that are more efficient and suitable to the furnishings of a retail outlet, showroom or boutique.

The production of outfitting of stores and boutique is monitored constantly due to the close collaboration between the technical and the carpentry departments, allowing all the furnishing elements to be highly personalised.
BMA - Italian contract and furniture employs computer numerical control machines that serve to optimise production and create all types of stands, even those with the most complex forms.

Retail / Logistics and assembly for Retail

BMA also coordinates logistics and assembly. It programs transport and installation from the factory to the indicated venue meticulously, on schedule, efficiently and at the lowest cost possible.
It carefully evaluates the time necessary for outfitting the stand, chooses the most suitable means of transport, directly attending to logistics and assembly.
BMA - Italian contract and furniture is equipped with state-of-the-arts instruments and if necessary, subcontracts specialised equipment for rent.
BMA has a team of assemblers that studies the store design, oversees all phases of material packaging and shipping, and goes to the work site, carrying out assembly efficiently and precisely.